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5 Cambodian hot sauce

Display Caddy with 5 outstanding Cambodian hot sauce - 5 x 100ml

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Epicerie Fine SUR LES QUAIS Paris

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For more than 20 years, the Sur Les Quais team has been looking for the best products from the world's gastronomy for you and has gone out to meet small producers and artisans. From these travels are born beautiful human encounters and a rigorous selection of fine spices, oils and artisanal condiments from preserved terroirs.

Each product is selected for its taste qualities, its originality and the authenticity of its origin.

Our commitment to our producers, by fostering lasting relationships based on trust and friendship, allows us to guarantee very high quality and constant freshness.

Epicerie Fine

5 Cambodian hot sauce

Display Caddy with 5 outstanding Cambodian hot sauce - 5 x 100ml

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The Nirvana for spicy sensations!

We have selected 5 exceptionally high-quality hot sauces to accompany your dishes! All these recipes are crafted with fruit pulps and fresh ingredients sourced from Cambodia. Presented in a stylish epoxy steel caddy, they will enhance your barbecues and grills!

The secret? The quality of the ingredients found locally. It's impossible to find mango pulp as delicious as in Cambodia!

Prepared in Kampot, using fresh fruits and spices, these sauces develop aromatic notes rich in spicy flavors and surprises. From subtle to intense spiciness for the hot sauces, peppery, sweet, and fruity notes for our sweet sauces, and a burst of peppery flavors for our Kampot pepper sauces.

With varying degrees of heat, each sauce shines on your poultry and fish grills.

They can also be used to prepare original dressings.

We display  this sauce pack an elegant epoxy steel caddy to present them on the table!

1. Masala Khmer Hot Sauce: A perfect balance of authentic spices with flavors inspired by Khmer cuisine. This sauce offers a rich taste experience, ideal for adding an exotic touch to your favorite dishes.

2. Smoked Chili Hot Sauce: With its distinctive smoky aroma, this hot sauce adds depth of flavor to every bite. Perfect for thrill-seeking enthusiasts looking for a touch of smoke in their favorite dishes.

3. Mango Hot Sauce: A combination of heat and sweetness, this mango hot sauce brings a variety of tropical flavors to your dishes. Ideal for those seeking a delicate balance between heat and fruity freshness.

4. Spicy Pineapple Hot Sauce: A refreshing combination of tropical sweetness and spiciness, offering an exotic and lively taste experience. Perfect for adding a touch of dynamic flavor to your favorite dishes.

5. Tamarind BBQ Hot Sauce: This hot sauce combines the tangy sweetness of tamarind with smoky notes to create an irresistible barbecue flavor. Perfect for glazing your grills or adding an exotic touch to your marinades and sauces. Spice Carousel: Elegant kitchen accessory designed to store and present your spices with style and practicality. Made of stainless steel, this spice carousel offers easy access to your favorite spices.

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