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copy of Curry du monde! Coffret

Curry powders from around the world

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Epicerie Fine SUR LES QUAIS Paris

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For more than 20 years, the Sur Les Quais team has been looking for the best products from the world's gastronomy for you and has gone out to meet small producers and artisans. From these travels are born beautiful human encounters and a rigorous selection of fine spices, oils and artisanal condiments from preserved terroirs.

Each product is selected for its taste qualities, its originality and the authenticity of its origin.

Our commitment to our producers, by fostering lasting relationships based on trust and friendship, allows us to guarantee very high quality and constant freshness.

Epicerie Fine

copy of Curry du monde! Coffret

Curry powders from around the world

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In India, each family has its own curry recipe, a mixture of spices specific to each one that varies according to the region, the land, and the products they enhance. Indeed, the term "curry" designates a mixture of spices with infinite variations, not a single spice. Literally, the term "curry" means "sauce" and embodies a traditional cuisine where food is left to simmer for a long time with these spice mixtures in water or coconut milk in order to obtain this so-called sauce.

With this box discover different curries from all over the world: India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ethiopia.

Green Thai curry (30g): Used in Thailand, this curry will bring its aniseed taste to fish, shrimp, poultry dishes. Our green curry is very mild because it does not contain chilli, so it is a very versatile blend that goes well with many dishes, especially dishes in sauce in which it will release all its flavors.

Rendang curry (30g): Rendang curry is a typical spice blend from Indonesian cuisine that is used to make a beef-based preparation.

Black curry (30g): Specialty of Sri Lanka, this black curry owes its color to the toasted seeds. Not very spicy, it flavors simmered dishes, soups, fried vegetables, legumes. It is very versatile in its use and perfumes many dishes with its strong, bewitching, tasty but also very mild flavor.

Madras curry (35g): The greatest classic of curries! Originating from India, our Madras curry is very fragrant, it is used in a pan-fried preparation or with coconut milk in a simmered dish (chicken, lamb, shrimps).

Parfums d'Orient (40g): With this blend of the Orient we want to offer you a curry rich in colors and flavors, composed of twenty spices to flavor your stir-fried vegetables, your simmered dishes, your dressings for salads of dried vegetables or your marinades.

Garam Massala (35g): Garam Massala is a spice blend with multiple variations, each family having its own recipe. Our blend is composed of fenugreek, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, green cardamom and coriander. This mix is characterized by warm flavors, without spiciness and sweet-salty notes. It is mainly used at the end of cooking with meat or simmered vegetables. It is a perfect addition to your Indian dishes: chapati, samossas, biryani...or to flavour your dishes in sauce or marinades.


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