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copy of Pâtes Ruote Pazze - Benedetto Cavalieri - 500g

Spaghettis - 500 g Benedetto Cavalieri

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Epicerie Fine SUR LES QUAIS Paris

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For more than 20 years, the Sur Les Quais team has been looking for the best products from the world's gastronomy for you and has gone out to meet small producers and artisans. From these travels are born beautiful human encounters and a rigorous selection of fine spices, oils and artisanal condiments from preserved terroirs.

Each product is selected for its taste qualities, its originality and the authenticity of its origin.

Our commitment to our producers, by fostering lasting relationships based on trust and friendship, allows us to guarantee very high quality and constant freshness.

Epicerie Fine

copy of Pâtes Ruote Pazze - Benedetto Cavalieri - 500g

Spaghettis - 500 g Benedetto Cavalieri

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Spaghetti, the real deal, with exceptional texture. What more can we say?

Instead of telling you what you already know about spaghetti (!), here are some anecdotes about spaghetti gathered from our readings:

The birth of spaghetti dates back to medieval times in Italy. At that time, spaghetti was considered a luxury food reserved for the wealthy and nobles. Its production was long and laborious, requiring intensive manual work to stretch and shape the dough. However, legend has it that one day, a famous Italian chef named Pippo, frustrated by the time and effort required to prepare spaghetti, came up with the ingenious idea of using a sun-drying technique to speed up the process. Instead of drying spaghetti indoors for days, he spread them on clean sheets outside under the hot Italian sun.

This rapid drying method not only reduced the preparation time of spaghetti but also preserved their freshness and authentic texture. The new spaghetti-making technique quickly spread throughout Italy, making pasta more accessible to everyone.

A fun anecdote about spaghetti is the "Flying Spaghetti Day." This fictional day is celebrated on April 1st in some parts of the world, including the UK, US, and Australia. Its origin dates back to 1950 when the British BBC aired a fictional documentary describing a spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. The report, aired during the Panorama program, showed images of people picking spaghetti from trees, claiming it was the result of an exceptional harvest season due to favorable weather conditions.

Many viewers believed the report and contacted the BBC to inquire about growing their own spaghetti. The BBC humorously responded that to grow spaghetti, one simply needed to place a spaghetti branch in a can of tomato sauce and wait. This well-orchestrated hoax became one of the first major media hoaxes and became legendary in television history. Since then, April 1st is sometimes celebrated as "Flying Spaghetti Day."

During World War I, Italian pilots on missions sometimes used spaghetti to determine if their engines were warm enough to start. How? They would take a strand of raw spaghetti and place it near the running engine. If the spaghetti started to bubble and cook, it was a sign that the engine was ready to run at full power!

Spaghetti was celebrated in the small Italian town of Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples, in 2013. The town organized an extraordinary event called "La Notte dei Maccheroni Giganti" (The Night of the Giant Macaroni). During this event, residents prepared a huge portion of spaghetti, weighing nearly 1.5 tons and measuring over 3 kilometers long, making them the longest spaghetti in the world. Cooked in a giant pot heated by a massive wood fire, the spaghetti was served in giant plates and distributed for free to residents and visitors. The event attracted thousands of people from all over Italy to participate in this unique celebration of Italian gastronomy.

Cooking time: 13-14 minutes

Be sure to follow the cooking times for premium durum wheat pasta like those from Cavalieri. The times we provide are recommendations from Italians and therefore represent the minimum time to achieve al dente pasta. Don't hesitate to increase the cooking time by one or two minutes and ensure they are placed into boiling water and not water at a rolling boil!

Benedetto CAVALIERI is a legend in the Pasta world!
Since 1918, four generations have succeeded each other at the helm of the family business.
Located in Apulia, not far from Lecce, Benedetto Cavalieri perpetuates unrivaled expertise in crafting pasta from hard wheat with incomparable crunch.

The variety of wheat used and the terroir of Apulia certainly explain this difference. Everything is done according to a process that allows the pasta to flourish without being "brutalized" in the molds. Slow drying at low temperatures guarantees impeccable cooking resistance.

Until now, their pasta was almost impossible to find in France...

Origin: Italy

Quantity: 500g

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